The perceives great importance on data security and your transactions and therefore takes all necessary measures in order to safeguard them. The site protects its members against fraud data with the data encryption method. The customer information is not disclosed to third parties and your itinerary on the website remains encrypted and therefore not visible to unauthorized third parties. Encryption is applied at all stages and in all transaction processes and data-sending personal data to and from, such as the shopping cart, the wish list, the personal page registered user, the registered user account creation page (log in), in the order form, the transfer of data to and from, etc.

The codes used for your identification are:

1) The entry code (e-mail or username) and

2) The personal secret security code (password),

which, every time you enter them, they give secure access to your personal information. You can change these codes whenever and as often as you wish. The only person who has access to your data through the codes is you and you are solely responsible for maintaining the secrecy and concealing them from third parties.

In case of loss or leakage of codes, you should contact us immediately otherwise we will not be liable for the use of a password by an unauthorized person. We recommend, for safety reasons, to change passwords regularly and avoid using the same codes and easily detectable, using not only letters and numbers but symbols as well.